Energy academic joins ministerial visit to India

Professor Peter Styring from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering will be in India this week alongside the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, and Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark.

The energy academic has been invited to participate in the first-ever India-UK Energy for Growth Dialogue and to meet Indian counterparts to deepen energy cooperation between the two countries.

Professor Styring will be representing the University of Sheffield’s energy expertise as part of the Energy 2050 institute, one of the largest energy research centres in the UK; and is also Director of the world-leading EPSRC CO2Chem Network.

Prof Styring said: “India is a rapidly growing economy, investing in new energy technologies. I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate on areas such as off-grid electricity, energy storage, and turning carbon dioxide into a valuable commodity.”

Recent energy projects in India include helping reduce the environmental impact of mining fires and bringing electrification to rural villages:

Peter Styring and colleagues recently led a team to collaborate with partners in India  and is currently studying samples obtained from the mining fire sites
Dr Mark Walker and a team from other University partners installed a waste biomass facility and novel solar photovoltaic technology at the remote Indian village in West Bengal