What Can Vehicle-to-Grid Technology do for the UK? Wednesday 16th May 2018

What Can Vehicle-to-Grid Technology (V2G) do for the UK?

Date: Wednesday 16th May

Time: 17:00 buffet & networking, for a 18:00 start

Venue: The Diamond, Leavy Greave, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield.

Electric vehicles are beginning to make their presence felt on UK roads; will their impact soon be felt on our electricity system?

This event will explore the effects of Electric Vehicles on the network and UK supply and how we might make use of the battery capacity in the future UK vehicle fleet.  What are the options for controlled charging, demand and generation management and how much might be delivered in the real world?

The event will take the form of [4] short (15 minute) inputs from a panel followed by an open debate with questions from the audience.  The panel will comprise:

Hosted by Rachel Lee, PhD Student: Currently working on a PhD related to V2G use, Rachel is a Fellow of the Energy Institute and member of the IET with 30 years’ experience in the power industry from private sector operations and project development through regulatory and government roles.

Other speakers include Jillian Anable (University of Leeds), Laura Corallini (Nissan UK) and Ian Mosely (Converter Technology)

All Welcome.

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