Funding awarded to support new PhD student in new energy storage materials

Dr Rebecca Boston and Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Professor Peter Hall from the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineerign have been awarded £47,200 funding to support a new PhD student by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation International Consortium of Nanotechnologies (ICoN).

The project will focus on novel syntheses of sodium-ion battery materials as replacements for Li-ion batteries. Lithium is a finite and rapidly depleting resource, and so for large-scale applications such as grid storage, other solutions are needed. Development of sodium-ion technology will help to reduce the pressure on the supply of lithium. The project will run for three years and will be offered in partnership with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy storage and its applications.

ICoN, led by the University of Southampton, aims to build capacity and knowledge in the application of nanotechnologies to support safety of life and property. The scheme will develop more than 50 new international nanotechnology experts who will have spent their training considering safety issues and advancing knowledge within a specific field related to the themes, such as smart materials, identified in the Foundation’s Foresight Review of Nanotechnology.