Mexican Energy Ministry visit Energy2050

A senior delegation from Mexico visited the University of Sheffield’s Energy2050 research initiative today.


The group including representatives from the Mexican government and academics leading the country’s energy research.

Matthew Billson, Programme Director of Energy2050, said: “Like the UK, Mexico’s energy sector is undergoing significant reforms, including changes to encourage investment in clean energy.  Mexico is also putting further funds into energy research.

“As one of the UK’s largest energy research institutes, we were very pleased the delegation chose to visit Sheffield to discuss further collaboration opportunities.”

The University of Sheffield’s Energy2050 initiative is one of the UK’s largest energy research institutes with the aim of addressing how the UK can move towards a more affordable, secure and sustainable future.

The delegation visited many areas of the University including Professor Peter Hall battery prototyping laboratory in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering; and met several Mexican students receiving scholarships from CONACYT – Mexico’s National Council on Science and Technology.