Energy from waste:


  • Conventional Renewable power generation – Fluidised Bed Biomass combustion

    A Study of the Co-Digestion of Various Urban and Agricultural Wastes for Optimum Biogas Production

    Supervisor: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Dr Mark Walker and Professor Lin Ma

    The proposed research would explore of the potential of anaerobic digestion to produce biogas from a number of different waste biomass sources that are ubiquitous throughout the world but are currently underutilized, and to co-digest them with more familiar anaerobic digestion feedstocks. A key objective will be to explore the relationship between digester design, scale and the ability to utilise biomass in a variety of co-digestion scenarios. This work would complement our current research into anaerobic digestion for electrification of rural communities in India. The research will benefit from the available experimental facilities including laboratory-scale digesters, excellent analytical facilities, expertise in the computer modelling of AD process kinetics, mass balance and operational strategies and links with industry through our collaborative work with micro-AD development sites in the UK.