Energy from waste:

Energy from waste

  • Conventional Renewable power generation – Fluidised Bed Biomass combustion

    Conventional Renewable power generation – Fluidised Bed Biomass combustion

    Supervisor: Supervisors: Dr Bill Nimmo and Prof Lin Ma


    To achieve the UK’s ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 without compromising energy security, the UK’s conventional power plants must be operated in a flexible manner in terms of high efficiency, using alternative fuels (e.g. biomass) and integrating technologies for carbon abatement (e.g. Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS). Ultra-supercritical (USC) steam Rankine cycle power generation combined with Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) and Fluidized Bed (FB) combustion technology is the most viable alternative to the pulverised coal (PC)-based USC power generation. In addition, operating under USC/FB/CFB conditions has a number of advantages over USC/PC, particularly regarding fuel flexibility.

    However, there are still many fundamental research and technical challenges facing the development of this technology. In particular, combustion issues related to safe and stable operation of CFB/FB boilers when burning a variety of solid fuels are not yet fully understood and there is a great need to develop novel materials that will be able to cope with adverse conditions associated with operation.

    The specific project areas would include:

    To understand how the combustion of a variety of fuels affects Emissions, bed material agglomeration, fouling and corrosion of boiler heat exchanger tubes.

    Facilities at the University main campus and at the LCCC will be offered to suitably qualified students for study leading to a PhD in combinations of the following areas.

    1.       combustion testing at pilot scale  (250 kW Fluidised bed),

    2.       deposition testing and experimentation at pilot plant scale,

    3.       corrosion testing in lab scale furnaces,

    4.       fundamental TGA decomposition studies,

    5.       Biomass characterisation

    6.       Fluidised bed modelling and CFD studies


  • Conventional Renewable power generation – Fluidised Bed Biomass combustion

    Energy recovery from waste through advanced gasification technology

    Supervisor: Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Professor Lin Ma

    Gasification is an advanced thermal treatment technology that converts carbon containing materials into syngas for downstream use, e.g. generating energy. Gasification is one of the key technologies available which will help meet these challenges to meet the energy needs while minimizing the impact on the environment. This project instigates an emerging waste recovery and treatment technology using advanced gasification processes that can recover the useful materials in the waste in addition to harvesting the energy. Computational modelling will be used to simulate and analyse the gasification processes including the chemical processes involved. This will provide a better understanding of the gasification and make the technology perform in an economically competitive and environmentally manner.