Smart homes:

Smart homes

  • Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Industrial PhD opportunities with the CDT in Energy Storage

    The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and Its Applications is seeking Electrical Engineering PhD candidates with, or on-track to secure, a 1st Class Honours in an Engineering discipline for its next cohort, starting Sep.17.

    The Centre offers a unique programme including Masters level training in the technologies and applications for energy storage, a PhD project in collaboration with an industry partner, and an enhanced stipend (£18,000 p.a. tax free). Take a look at and apply online. Deadline 1 May 2017.

  • Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Development of User Orientated Control Strategies for Residential Homes

    This study aims to reduce domestic energy consumption by re-configuring and/or designing control strategies to achieve optimum occupant comfort whilst reducing/eliminating unnecessary consumption. TRANSYS, Thermal Imaging and experimental tools will be used.

  • Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Measurement and Mapping of the Urban Heat Island Effect

    This project uses Dynamic Thermal Modelling (IES) and Thermal Imaging to create maps of urbanised areas. The maps are used to determine heat sinks that could be utilised for power generation through integration of renewable technologies.

  • Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Integrated District Cooling and Desalination

    This study uses CFD and experimental design and build to optimise the heat recovery from district cooling process and utilise in the energy intensive distillation process, with the overall aim to achieve an overall efficiency increase for the system.

  • Energy Storage fully-funded PhD

    Building Integrated Photovoltaic at Residential Scale

    This project is focussed on integrating solar concentrators into existing buildings, through optimisation of the materials and/or placement of PV system. Central to the study is a Luminescent Solar Collector, recent advancements have generated transparent systems, which provide the opportunity to integrate into existing window apertures. CFD Modelling and experimental design and build will be used.