Khalidah Al-Qayim

PhD Student

Degrees: BSc , MSc Chemical Engineering

PhD Supervisors: Professor. M. Pourkashanian and Dr. Bill Nimmo

Energy 2050, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests/project: Biomass combustion with carbon capture. Working with the BIOCAP project.

Research groups: CCS Group


  • K. A. J. Al-Qayim, W. Nimmo and M. Pourkashanian. 2015. Comparative Techno-economic Assessment of biomass and coal with CCS technologies in a pulverized combustion power plant in the United Kingdom. Int’l J GHGC. 43 (2015) 82-92.
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Presentations: K. A. J. Al-Qayim, W. Nimmo* and M. Pourkashanian, Techno-economic Assessment of Biomass and Coal with CCS Technology. European Bioenergy and Carbon Capture Conference, 2015, Vienna.