Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian addresses UN ECE as part of Sustainable Energy Week

Head of University Energy Research, Prof. Mohamed Pourkashanian traveled to Geneva this week to deliver a presentation to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE). Professor Pourkashanian was asked to speak about recommendations on removing obstacles to carbon capture and storage to a select group of delegates as part of the UN ECE’s Sustainable Energy Week on 28 September.

His talk; “Accelerating Innovation in CCUS : A Transition to Low Carbon Competitive Economy” covered aspects of his research into CCUS, CHP and advanced fossil fuel technologies for power generation.

Prof. Pourkashanian also drew on his expertise as Director of UK PACT facilities, detailing results from the UK pilot scale carbon capture national facilities, PACT and provided information on how modelling can be used to successfully design a second generation CCUS technology.