Smart Grids

What is a smart grid?

A smart grid is a modernised electricity grid that uses information and communications technology to monitor and actively control generation and demand in near real-time. This provides a more reliable and cost effective system for transporting electricity from generators to homes, businesses and industry.

Smart meters are important for smart grids. They provide information to help improve network management and facilitate demand, shifting and supporting distributed and renewable energy generation.

Why is it important?

New technologies for generating energy means supply from a greater diversity of channels, meaning networks and grids will need to become smarter.

Our expertise & activities

  • We are working with Qatar on their development of a smart grid.
  • We are developing technologies to enable the existing grid to better cope with more renewable energy.

Detailed research areas

  • How citizens interact with smart grids, services and facilities.
  • Self-regulating power system through automatic control systems.
  • Synchronverter technology using inverters.

Key people (A-Z)

Professor Kais Atallah
Senior Lecturer, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dr Martin Foster
Reader, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Professor Martin Mayfield
Professor of Engineering Design; Co-Director of the Urban Institute
Infrastructure Leader, Faculty of Engineering

Dr G. C. Alex Peng
Lecturer in Information Systems

Professor Qing-Chang Zhong
Research Chair in Control of Power Systems
UK Representative to European Control Association


For more information please contact Professor Martin Mayfield.