Sheffield nuclear waste expert to present at New Scientist Live

Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow Dr Claire Corkhill will be speaking on the topic of nuclear waste disposal at New Scientist Live on Saturday 24 September.

Based in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Dr Corkhill is an EPSRC Early Career Research Fellow in the NucleUS Immobilisation Science Laboratory. Her work focuses on understanding how, and how quickly, the surfaces of materials dissolve which is particularly important for materials that contain nuclear waste, which must be highly durable for 10,000 years and more.

The talk titled ‘Nuclear Waste: Dig deep or aim high’, will explain how we get electricity from nuclear power. Claire will look at the benefits of nuclear power, at radioactivity, and what we plan to do with radioactive waste.

She will also be giving insight in to her work with the UK’s Diamond Light Source; how synchrotron radiation is helping to ensure that radioactive waste stays contained for hundreds of thousands of years.

New Scientist Live is a festival of ideas and discovery. Rooted in the biggest, best and most provocative science, the event touches on all areas of human life and will feature four immersive zones covering Brain & Body, Technology, Earth and Cosmos.

Claire is a key researcher on safe nuclear waste disposal and one of over 120 academics working on energy research at the University of Sheffield’s Energy2050 institute.

Claire will be managing the @shefunilife account, Monday 19th – Sunday 25th September, tweeting live from New Scientist Live. To keep up-to-date with her research, follow @clairecorkhill.