The University became a partner in the newly funded Horizon 2020 project, History of Nuclear Energy and Society (HoNESt).

Dr Matthew Cotton from Urban Studies and Planning is a partner in the newly funded Horizon 2020 project, History of Nuclear Energy and Society (HoNESt).

The European Commission and EURATOM are to to carry out the £2 million interdisciplinary HoNESt project. HoNESt is an interdisciplinary consortium of twenty-four institutions performing research with the common goal of improving knowledge of the dynamics established between the interaction of civil society with nuclear developments changes with time and varies depending on whether such interaction is local, national or transnational.

HoNESt seeks to address the complexity of the political, technological and economic challenges, as well as understand the state of affairs on safety, the perception of risk, communication and the media, public participation, social movements, and so on. As a subject of study, nuclear energy can be addressed from various angles and to date its interaction has been studied mainly disjointedly. The project will look at Nuclear development and society in the past sixty years. The results of this analysis will help with the current debate on future energy sources and the transition to the production of affordable, safe and clean energy sources.

HoNESt will provide a pioneering integrated approach which conceptually will be fed from Large Technology Systems (LTS) and the Integrated Socio-technical (IST) system and will establish close and innovative collaboration with expert historians and social scientists in this field of knowledge.

The project will compile historical data from more than twenty countries for analysis by historians and social scientists using retrospective analysis techniques starting from the past up to the present day with the aim of improving the understanding of the mechanisms underlying decision-making and citizen participation associated with nuclear energy.

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