Dr Andy Atkins joined the Energy2050 team

Dr Andy Atkins, Chief Engineer Technology from Ricardo Engineering will be working with The University of Sheffield’s Energy2050 team to develop joint funding pipelines with industry in the transport and energy sectors.

Ricardo is a global engineering and strategic, technical and environmental consultancy business with a value chain that includes the niche manufacture and assembly of high-performance products, notably including for McLaren performance car engines. Their ambition is to be the world’s pre-eminent brand in the development and application of solutions to meet the challenges in the transportation, energy and scarce resource sectors.

Andy has most recently worked extensively in the automotive and energy sectors with major OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and supply chains, in areas such as transmission design, energy storage and ICE design and low cost automation. Andy will also work with our teams at the Faculties and at AMRC to identify technology gaps and then blend new and existing technology streams to provide novel solutions.

To date, Ricardo have supported a University Technical College at the Faculty of Engineering and worked with AMRC for development of mechanical flywheels.