20 May 2019 – Sheffield Solar Seminar: Using Machine Learning to Operate a Carbon-free Electricity System

For those new to Sheffield Solar, we are a research group based in the Physics department who specialise in modelling the real-time generation from the GB Photovoltaics fleet (aka. solar panels).

I am delighted to announce that the second seminar in the series will be delivered by James Kelloway. To sign up to attend please register via Eventbrite.

Using Machine Learning to Operate a Carbon-free Electricity System


The National Grid ESO has publicly committed to being capable of running the GB electricity grid fossil fuel free by 2025.

To do this, we will need to embrace new methods and new technologies. This talk shows how National Grid ESO is using machine learning techniques to better predict solar PV across GB and how we are using the tech to open up access to data to give consumers clearer choices to choose to use energy at it’s cleanest.

Speaker Biography:

James Kelloway currently leads the ESO Lab team as Energy Intelligence Manager, researching and delivering AI solutions for National Grid ESO in the UK.

He has a wide and varied skill set built from many years of experience within the computer software and energy industries spanning development, consultancy, agile requirements gathering, and product management roles.

Outside of work, James is a father of two and an accomplished classical musician. He’s a big EV advocate and is engaged in the decarbonisation agenda. He has conducted a symphony orchestra while completing postgraduate study in music and can be occasionally found observing the cosmos as an amateur astronomer!

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