Dr Christopher Parks

Dr Christopher Parks is a research fellow in aviation fuel in the Low Carbon Combustion Centre /Energy 2050 group. He studied Chemistry at the University of Sheffield where he graduated with an MChem in 2010. He completed his PhD in the same department in modelling the nucleophilicity of metal complexes. This was a joint PhD encompassing both experimental and computational work to investigate the reactivity of mainly rhodium and iridium complexes. Comparisons where made between computed thermochemistry and experimentally derived values in order to improve the modelling protocols. Since completing his PhD, Christopher completed two short term posts in the chemistry department.

The first involved covering teaching duties for a lecturer where he was responsible for delivering physical laboratory sessions and tutorials. The second was in collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering department where the aim was to model the chemistry of o-rings and the interactions with common fuel components.

Research Interests

  • Aviation fuel thermostability
  • High performance computing
  • Homogeneous catalysis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Reaction Mechanism modelling
  • Ligand effects
  • Programming

Journal articles

Mechanistic Study of Rhodium/xantphos-Catalyzed Methanol Carbonylation
Gary L. Williams, Christopher M. Parks, C. Robert Smith, Harry Adams, Anthony Haynes, Anthony J. H. M. Meijer, Glenn J. Sunley, and Sander Gaemers Organometallics 2011 30 (22), 6166-6179