Dr Kris Milkowski

Dr Kris Milkowski is the PACT Business Development Manager (BDM) and Portfolio Manager for Energy at the University of Sheffield. He oversaw the initial establishment of the PACT facilities and now manages customer and stakeholder engagement, strategic development of the facilities and the delivery of its programme of collaborative and contract R&D projects.

He has extensive experience in energy R&D. Prior to joining the University of Sheffield he worked as a BDM for Energy Sector at the University of Leeds and prior to that he was a BDM for the Centre of Low Carbon Futures overseeing and supporting energy and low carbon supply chains projects and business engagement.

Prior to that he was an Industrial Projects Manager at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence/Green Chemistry Centre of Industrial Collaboration. He has a long standing record in managing collaborative and contract projects with industry and academia. He has also presented on CCS and Low Carbon Energy technologies to industry and government at high level meetings in the UK and internationally. He has contributed to energy strategy meetings and government reports and has established and fostered long standing links with industry and other stakeholders in the energy, bioenergy and intensive industries sector.

Email:  k.milkowski@sheffield.ac.uk