Mohamed El Sakka

PhD Student

Degrees: MSc Mechanical Power Engineering, BSc Mechanical Power Engineering

PhD Supervisor: Professor Mohammed Pourkashanian, Professor Lin Ma, Professor Derek Ingham

Energy 2050, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests / project: Variable Pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Research groups: Wind energy


Abdelhamed, A. S., Yassen, Y. E. S., & ElSakka, M. M. (2014). Design optimization of three

dimensional geometry of wind tunnel contraction. Ain Shams Engineering Journal


Yassen, Y. El-S. Abdelhamed, A. S. and ElSakka, M. M.  (2014). An Investigation on Losses

During  Power  Extraction  from  an  Oscillating  Wing.  Al-Azhar  Engineering  Thirteenth

International Conference