Nidiana Rosado Hau

PhD Student

Education and degrees: BEng Physics, University Autonomous of Yucatan, Mexico
MEng Renewable Energy, University Autonomous of Yucatan, Mexico.

PhD supervisors:Professor Lin Ma, Professor Mohammed Pourkashanian, , and Professor Derek Ingham.
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research interests/project: Urban Wind Turbine Technology and Methods for wind turbine design.
Research groups: Wind energy

N. Rosado Hau and M. A. Escalante Soberanis (2011), Efficiency of a parabolic trough collector as a water heater system in Yucat´an, M´exico, American Institute of Physics, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 3, 063108;

M. Acosta, I. Riech, A. Borges, F. Keb, H. Guillermo, N.R. Hau (2013);Propiedades optoelectr´onicas de Pel´ıcula Delgadas de ZnO:Al crecidas por RF Sputtering; Revista Colombiana de Fisica, 45(3), ISSN 0120-2650.

N. Rosado Hau & M. Gamboa Marrufo (2015); Methodology for the aerodynamic design of small wind turbine blade, Ingeniantes, Instituto Tecnol´ogico Superior de Misantla, 1(1), pp 100-108, ISSN 2395-9452
M. Gamboa-Marrufo & N. Rosado Hau (2013); CFD validation of pressure coefficient of a tensile structure obtained with wint tunnel test, Revista de la Facultad de Ingenier´ıa, UADY,17 (3) ,ISSN 1665-529-X.

[16 − 18th March. 2016] Correlation of S1210 Lift coefficients obtained with numerical and experimental methods., Encuentro Universitario en Sistemas Computaciones, Merida , Yucatan.
[18th March. 2014] Wind farms in Yucatan, Perspective and Challenges, XII Foro de Recursos Naturales, Merida , Yucatan.
[19th June. 2014] Aerodynamic behavior at low reynolds numbers of the small wind turbine blades, Primer Congreso Regional de aprovechamiento de energıas renovables del sureste de Mexico, Merida, Yucatan.