Oscar Rafael Pupo Roncallo

PhD Student

Degrees: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (concentration in Energetic conversion)
PhD Supervisors: Lin Ma, Derek Ingham, Mohammed Pourkashanian.

Energy 2050, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research interests / project: Renewable energy, Energy systems models, smart grids.

Publications: Pupo, O., García S., Paternina, E., Bula, A., Cortina, A., Acuña, F. Comparison of two different vertical column photobiorreactors for the cultivation of Nannochloropsis sp. ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology-JERT, vol. 135, no. 1, 7 pages, March 2013.

García S., Paternina E., Pupo O.R., Bula A. and Di Mare L. CFD simulation of multiphase flow in an airlift column photobiorreactor. Global NEST Journal, 16(6), 1121-1134, December 2014.
Presentations / posters: Pupo, O., García, S., Valencia, G., Bula, A. Conceptual design of photobioreactor for algae cultivation. ASME 2011 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition. November 11-17 2011. Denver, Colorado, USA.

García, S., Pupo, O., Corredor, L. Analysis of the potential production of second generation bioethanol and biodiesel from agro-industrial wastes in Colombia. Proceedings of the 4th International Mechanical Engineer Congress at Universidad del Norte. July 2009. Barranquilla, Colombia.

García, S., Pupo, O., Corredor, L.   Comparative analysis of the performance of a diesel engine fueled with different mixtures of Biodiesel / Diesel (State of the Art). Proceedings of the 3rd International Efficient and Rational Use of Energy Congress (CIUREE 2008). November 2008. Medellín, Colombia.