Royal Academy Fellowship for ‘outstanding’ energy researcher

An academic from the University of Sheffield has been awarded five years’ funding to advance their work in functional materials for energy applications by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Dr Boston

Dr Rebecca Boston, from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was awarded the prestigious fellowship for her work, funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Her research, in the area of nanostructured oxides for sustainable energy storage and recovery, is focused on creating functional ceramics for capacitors, thermoelectric generators, and fuel cell materials.

The Royal Academy of Engineering research fellowships are designed to advance excellence by encouraging the outstanding early career researchers to continue their work at the cutting edge of engineering developments and become future leaders in their field.

Dr Boston said: “I was extremely pleased to hear that I had been awarded a fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering. This distinguished award will allow me to focus on my research and will be a huge boost for my career.”

The University of Sheffield’s Energy 2050 institute is one of the UK’s largest energy research centres with world-class expertise in the area of energy storage – from materials and battery chemistry to testing facilities.