Students engage with the local community to tackle fuel poverty

Students in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield are working to improve energy efficiency in the city and engage with community groups to tackle the problem of fuel poverty.


Sheffield has above average levels of fuel poverty where residents struggle to afford sufficient energy to heat their homes. This causes unnecessary winter deaths in the city.

The project called ACE (Action on Community Energy) aims to build up a picture of energy efficiency across the city by analysing public buildings and homes to increase energy conservation and provide advice to improve efficiency.

Under the supervision of Dr Mohammed Zandi, students are equipped with cutting-edge thermal imaging equipment and use techniques to trace heat loss through the building fabric and highlight problems such as draughts, damp and poor insulation.

Last year, ACE was shortlisted for a prestigious Energy Institute Initiative Award. The EI Awards is a celebration of the contribution that people in the energy industry make to its progress, innovation and excellence, and the judges were particularly impressed with the commitment and originality that was demonstrated in by CBE students.

This year, the project is more active than ever with five students taking the lead. The students are working with community groups like Westfield Community and local schools.

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