UK and Kazakhstan work together to solve the world’s challenges

Academics from the UK and Kazakhstan are working together to solve the world’s energy food and water challenges at a new workshop this August.

The workshop is organised jointly by Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and the University of Sheffield. Taking place at Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan from 21 – 23 August 2016, the workshop is one of the first to be funded by the Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme, a new bilateral UK-Kazakhstan programme organised by the Newton Fund.

Kazakhstan workshop

The event will connect together early career and established researchers in Kazakhstan and UK working on energy, water and food issues and a focus will be made on building links for future collaborations. The workshop will be attended by 50 participants from UK and Kazakhstan.

The academics will explore alternative potential energy sources suitable for the specific climate and economic conditions of each country, the challenges in rural development as well as broader issues for the energy sector, including efficiency, new technologies, and renewable sources.

Participants will also consider problems related to water scarcity and discuss potential ways of diminishing this problem from different perspectives. Food issues will be tackled during the workshop with a special focus on food security and sustainability.

The Newton – Al-Farabi Partnership Programme is financed jointly by the governments of the UK and Kazakhstan and aims to develop existing contacts and build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships in research and innovation. It works with government bodies, research organisations, universities and businesses to support Kazakhstan to achieve its development goals. The Programme is coordinated by JSC Science Fund, for Kazakhstan, and the British Council, for the UK.

Professor Giulio Seccia, Head of the Economics Department at Nazarbayev University said: “Participation of researchers from both Kazakhstan and UK in the workshop will strengthen the research links between the countries and contribute to the important discussions on challenges related to the energy, food and water nexus.”

Professor Mohamed Pourkashanian, Head of Energy Engineering Research at the University of Sheffield said: “By working together and sharing our expertise, engineers and scientists across the world can tackle energy challenges. These workshops will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration between the UK and Kazakhstan, developing long-term links.”