White Rose Energy Symposium – post-2050 scenario

White Rose Energy Symposium takes place on the 27th of October at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Grant Wilson is hosting this one day symposium, which includes a great line-up of speakers to present and discuss UK energy in a post-2050 scenario.

The day will focus on the long-term outlook of the UK’s energy system after 2050:

  • Where will we get our energy from?
  • How will we balance and manage demand?
  • What policy would get us there?

Speakers include:

  • Jim Watson (UKERC),
  • Jeff Hardy (OfGEM),
  • Matthew Billson (University of Sheffield),
  • Doug King (Doug King Consultancy),
  • Philip Grünewald (University of Oxford),
  • Colin MacBean (Scottish Government),
  • Graham Cooley (ITM-Power),
  • Jonathan Radcliffe (University of Birmingham)
  • Grant Wilson (University of Sheffield).